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Le Sketch #07 Craig Atkinson

Le Sketch #07 - Craig Atkinson

In the seventh issue of Le Sketch, british illustrator Craig Atkinson give us sketches of people that might exist, but probably don’t, mysterious diagrams, imaginary buildings and several collages – one of them with a girl who is looking for christian singles with christian principles and another with a Hitlerian mustache that spreads like the plague. All presented in navy blue and bright yellow!

About Craig: works as an artist and lecturer. His illustrations have been featured in exhibitions and graced the pages of The New York Times and Esquire, among others. He founded Café Royal in 2006, a publishing house and shop specializing in zines and artists’ publications. His work is fairly spontaneous and often made without too much immediate thought. However underlying themes are present: The everyday. Banality. Celebrity gossip. Terrorism. Broken things. Lies. Stories about things that haven’t happened, but could have. Tales of real places he has never visited.

More of Craig’s work can be seen in his website. Make sure you visit Café Royal for zines and other publications.

Le Sketch is available for free in here.

Le Sketch #07 - Craig Atkinson

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