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Le Sketch #09 Matthew Thurber

Le Sketch #09 - Matthew Thurber

In the ninth issue of Le Sketch, cartoonist and illustrator Matthew Thurber presents an array of 14 sketches featuring electric demigods, esoteric scribbles, smiling cats and dogs and allegorical creatures that would happily eat you up in a blink.
All printed in red carnelian and a spanky purple!

About Matthew: he grew up on Lummi Island off the coast of Washington State. His fist comic, published age 12 was Killer Pigs: Target USA. He moved to New York in 1996 and has lived there ever since. He publishes the comic book series 1-800-MICE. His work has appeared in Kramers Ergot, The Ganzfeldand and many other anthologies – and he also contributes with comics to Vice Magazine. He performs occasionally as Ambergris.

Check out his work at: http://www.ambergriscomics.com

Le Sketch #09 - Matthew Thurber

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